Sunday, May 19, 2019

Farmhouse Style Outdoor Playhouses

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Farmhouse playhouse? An outdoor dream come true if you ask me! Let your kids' imaginations run wild this summer with one of these outdoor playsets. Your kids will create fun memories to last a lifetime!

I have fond memories of playing on my swing set when I was a child. I'd pretend it was a "house" or a "fort" of some sort with my brother, sister, and friends. I also remember how fun it was when my husband surprised my two boys with a swing set after the boys and I got back from a 10-day trip visiting grandparents. And after I had my little girl, I dreamed of getting her a playhouse like the ones in this post. Unfortunately, that dream never materialized, but I hope one day when I become a grandma that I can have a super fun backyard with one of these playhouses in it! 

My favorite is the tall farmhouse, but I'd want a slide and a swing, too. And that cafe and food truck are pretty awesome. All fun for play, but I'm seeing some photography opportunities, too. :) Fun place to host a backyard birthday party as well. Ideas are endless - maybe you could even rent out the cafe and food truck for kid parties and earn some extra $. Who knows?

All outdoor playsets are from Etsy. I love shopping on Etsy, and I hope you do, too! Just click on titles or images for details.

Happy Shopping! And have an awesome summer. :)

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