Friday, February 17, 2006

I've Been Blogged!

Pin It Now! I can now officially call myself a Blogger, thanks to my husband, ragamuffinwriter! He had to help me, of course. I have the computer skills of an amoeba. For me, trying to understand computer stuff is like trying to understand why Bell South wants to call me EVERYDAY thanking me for being such a wonderful customer and then offering the same long distance package that I have already said "NO" to a million times!

When I first heard about all this Blog Bologna, I swore I would never have one. I thought it a complete waste of time, but then I realized that I do have ALOT that I would love to say if only I had an audience that consisted of more than just a 6, 4, and 8 month old. I think I am becoming one of those freaky moms who shop at Wal-Mart early on Saturday mornings and while standing in the check-out line, long to make eye contact with the cheerful cashier in hopes of exchanging small talk with another adult!! Hopefully by blogging I can keep my sanity. So, to all my family and friends, encourage me every once and a while with a comment or 2.


HONEY said...

Blog on! Everyone needs a soapbox now & then! Welcome to the blog world. :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogsphere!

What you're doing at Wal-Mart sounds like flirting to me.

And if you really wanted adult conversation, it seems like you'd look forward to the Bellsouth guy calling every day.


AJ said...

Glad to welcome another new blogger, as I myself am the same thing. I also have a lot to say, but just don't have enough time to write it down! So my blogs will be very sporadic, I'm sure. Beautiful family, indeed! I love the pics!


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