Sunday, February 26, 2006

Satan in my Sandbox

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I just love kids' logic. Last week we were studying wisdom during our morning Bible study, and of course, the parable of the wise man and foolish man came up. I explained that we needed to be like the wise man and build our house on The Rock, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. And Mullin thoughtfully added, "Yeah, and if we don't then we will be building it on Satan!"
A few seconds later Lincoln pipes up (with one of his classic Lincoln expressions), "Huuuuh, Satan's in my sandbox?" I tried my best to explain the real meaning of that parable to a 4 year old. Not sure if I succeeded. Wonder if he will play in it this summer?


T-Bone said...

hahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!! that kid is so funny

HONEY said...

Ha! That reminds me of the time that I told Tamra to "eat your oatmeal, a good breakfast is important" which she replied, "Mom, what does God eat for breakfast?" :-)

Hmmm...I think my reply was "Anything He wants!" :-)

cmhl said...

ha!!!!!!!! that is great..

one time, my daughter was fooling around during our prayer before dinner, and my son said (pointed at his dad's empty chair-- dad was in the kitchen), "sister, you can't fool around during prayer, it is like Jesus is sitting RIGHT THERE!!!" Daughter looks with awe and shock at the empty chair.

Husband comes in and plops down in the chair, and daughter becomes hysterical. "Daddy just SAT on JESUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

hahahah. I think that probably made God smile..


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