Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Longbottom Leaf

Pin It Now! This morning during our homeschool history project, we were pretending to be Hippocrates making an herbal remedy. I gave each of the boys their very own pretend mortar and pestle, and while they were crushing their herbs (bay leaves) Mullin closed his eyes, took a big whiff, and said, "Ahhhhh, Longbottom Leaf!" I died laughing!

It is a good thing The Shire is a long way off from here!


T-Bone said...

hahahaha. you have some funny kids =)

HONEY said...

That's hilarious! :-) Things like that must make the homeschooling effort well worth it!

Anonymous said...

First\I love your blogs
Second/ that is to cute
Third/Miss you lots!


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