Monday, June 19, 2006

Arizona Trip

Pin It Now! We had such a fun time visiting my desert family!

We like to pick, eat and juice Grandma's homegrown apples. Even Shiloh liked them. She would stand under the tree and make the sign for "more" over and over again!!

Lincoln had fun feeding Grandma and Grandpa D's turtle. Shiloh was fascinated by this little creature.

Both my sister and my brother have pools, and the boys absolutely loved swimming. Even Shiloh liked the water.

Mullin and Lincoln loved playing with all of their boy cousins.

We celebrated Grandpa D's birthday while we were there.

My Grandpa came out to see me and the kids. Pictured are my sister and her 4 kids, me and my 3 kids, my brother's wife(expecting twin boys!), my mom and my grandpa. Shiloh and her cousin, Olivia will be so outnumbered!!!

Having fun with bubbles!

We love and miss everyone!!


HONEY said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful vacation!

Anonymous said...

Shiloh will be the next Betty Stalnecker.

Anonymous said...

Who's Betty Stalnecker? I miss all of you too, what great memories.


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