Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lincoln's First Birthday in Arizona

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We held Lincoln's big 5th Birthday Bash at Chuck
E. Cheese! His cousins and Grandparents helped him celebrate his special day.

I am so proud of my big 5 year old!

Eating pizza was quite the messy event!

How cool, a photo with Chuck E. himself.

Happy Birthday to you!

Of course, ending the celebration with the opening of presents is always fun!
Thank you all for coming and making his day wonderful.

Lincoln misses his very own special birthday dinner at Pawpaw and Grandma's! Lincoln loved all the gift cards--he bought lots of Star Wars stuff!!

Lincoln thanks everyone for all the cool gifts that are keeping him very occupied!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nobody's commented yet. Guess I'll have to get things started.

My wife is soooooooo pretty (and my kids are pretty cute, too)!

Brandi said...

Thanks. You are too kind.

not up to code said...

How very brave to tackle the Chuck E. Cheese. I'm too scared to go back. The last time we went there, the rednecks were calling the musliums 'gypsies' and security got involved.

Happy Birthday Lincoln!


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