Thursday, August 30, 2007

Think Before You Touch

Pin It Now! Prepare to be sicked out!!Mullin bought a Disgusting Science kit with his birthday $, and this is his first experiment.
We prepared petri dishes and took samples from various places. Then we watched what grew for about 12 days. Do you really want to know where the samples came from??

From left to right: bathroom sink, inside of mouth, coin, bottom of a shoe

The money and bottom of shoe started growing nasty stuff almost immediately! Nice to know that my cleaning efforts haven't gone completely to waste.

Hopefully my family can appreciate and respect our "no shoes on in the house" rule a little more after seeing this!! (Well, you can only wear "inside" shoes--it is a must on all tile floors)

I had thought of taking samples from a library book and Shiloh's passy but didn't think I would be able to bear the results. What you don't know can't hurt ya, right?


not up to code said...

Germs build the immune system. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Brandi said...

Yeah, yeah I know, but there are just some germs I don't want in my house, like the public bathroom scuzz on the bottom of my shoe germ. That one I want to stay outside!!

Anonymous said...

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