Monday, November 12, 2007


Pin It Now! One of my friends has asked from where the name "Autumnfawn" comes.

So, here in this post I shall reveal its origin.

Once upon a time, there were 2 very best friends. One was tall and lean with dark, brown eyes, long, autumn-brown hair and a freckled nose. The other was short and petite with a silky, blond mane and watery, blue eyes.

On the outside, they both appeared to be your typical, model students. They were smart, responsible, and very well behaved. On the inside, though, they were really just silly, little, giggly high-school girls with wild and fanciful imaginations.

They shared so much in common, even their love of American Indian culture. Mostly, it was just an infatuation with the romanticized version of that time period in American History. They read lots of books, fiction and non-fiction alike, and imagined that one day dark, handsome Indian Braves would carry them off into the sunset upon beautiful, wild horses. They even learned how to speak a few Cheyenne words and went to local Pow-wows.

To make their vivid imaginations come even more alive, they decided to give themselves "Indian" names. The blond was given the name, Sky Dancer, because of her dancing, sky-blue eyes, and the other was given the name, Autumnfawn, because of the shape of her face, coloring, and freckles. Such fun times--they even began signing all of their notes to each other with these names. To make it even more fun, they gave their other friends and even all of their secret "crushes" Indian names, too. "Wounded Doe" was one of their sisters who always seemed to have some sort of ailment, "Flaming Hair" was a red-headed friend, and I believe "Tall Oak" was one of their secret "crushes", just to name a few.

Many years passed and Autumnfawn and Sky Dancer eventually went their seperate ways, but Autumnfawn kept her name in order to keep her cherished memories alive.


Anonymous said...

Wow, isn't it amazing how all of your fantasies came true...I mean, except for the dark, handsome, indian brave part; oh, and the being carried off into the sunset on beautiful, wild horses.

T-Bone said...

hey! your dark and handsome. if by dark, you mean, competely allergic to the sun, and somewhat ghostlike =)

Carrie said...

My curiosity is quenched!

Ally said...

I just loved this story. That is so cool. thanks for sharing it. Thanks for your visit the other day. Interestng to find another standbyeee! I know YOU know EXACTLY what I am talking about...

YOur kids look soo cute.... 2 boys and a girl...just like me. I admire your creativity with the bible verses. I must admit that I used to be alot more creative than now...I guess teeneagers are just different!


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