Monday, November 12, 2007

To Be Smart, Or Not To Be Smart

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Mullin doesn't particularly like dictionaries. He knows how to use one, but just doesn't like to use it.
Well in English class for the past couple of days we have been studying how to use a dictionary on a deeper level, and of course Mullin is rolling his eyes throughout the lesson and slumping his shoulders a bit to show his displeasure.
So I say, "Using a dictionary can help you to be really smart."
Mullin replies, "I don't want to be really smart."
With a confused yet concerned look I say, "What, Why not?"
Mullin answers, "I want to know how to put my pants on."
Okay, now my brow is really furrowed, my eyes are all squinty, and my nose is wrinkled up. "Huh" is about all I can manage to get out.
After a brief pause, it hit me. Einstein.
"Are you referring to the story I told you about Albert Einstein?" I asked. (This was not a recent story, either.)
"Yeah," Mullin simply stated.

I am not sure what the moral of this story is. Maybe it is: When you are telling your kids about Einstein, leave out the part about him having no common sense.

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