Wednesday, July 23, 2008

From Super Heroes to Bible Characters

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We've all got The Incredibles on our brain. I think we have watched this movie 2-3 times in about a week and a half.

So, while I was cleaning up the kitchen this evening, my two boys were discussing which kind of super powers they would want if they could have them.

I joined in and said that I thought it would be cool to be able to disappear and make force fields like Mr. Incredible's daughter.

**SPOILER ALERT**For anyone who has not seen this movie and wants to, do not read any further.

Then Lincoln chimes in with, "I'd want to be SYNDROME!!!"

Though not surprised by his answer, I asked, "Why would you want to be him? He was mean and evil? He murdered people!!

Lincoln argued, "Well, not when he was Incrediboy."

I love it when "life lessons" just happen. And this was one of them.

I proceeded to point out the fact that Incrediboy wasn't exactly a nice kid, either. We get just a glimpse of him as a boy, but it was enough of one to find out a few of his character traits. He was annoying. He was selfish. He was focused on no one but himself. And... here is the kicker... He was JEALOUS.

Some may say, "Big deal." But my boys have had many, many lessons on the dangers of jealousy. So, when I raised my eyebrows and stressed the fact that Incrediboy was jealous, my boys gave me that "uh, oh, mom's about to give a speech" look.

No monologuing here. But I did give them a quick reminder of how devastating jealousy can be. Syndrome's jealously drove him to murder. Just like Cain's jealousy drove him to murder his own brother. Just like Joseph's brothers' jealousy drove them to sell their own flesh and blood. I could mention more, but you get the picture and so did my boys.

I am sure not all jealousy leads to murder, but it is an emotion that cannot be left to fester in the depths of our wicked hearts! And that is a reminder to myself for sure!!!

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