Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Yearbooked Myself!

Pin It Now! Step with me back in time. We are going on a yearbook journey. Sound fun? Well, the following snapshots reveal what I may have looked like in years past. I won't be offended if you laugh out loud. I sure did!!!!!

In 1952, I just might have sported a do like this one. Wow, I have never seen myself with short hair!!!

1960-- Hmm, maybe I could pass for a Joyce Rogers look-a-like.

1964-- I imagine this as me when I am old or something.

1966--This is my favorite!! Really, if I could pull it off, I'd do it now!

1968-- Seeing myself with this hair style reminds me of my mom for some reason--last pic, too.

1974--Had a difficult time making my face fit. Looks terrible. Makes me thankful for my narrow chin!!

1978--Now this is awesome!!! Always wondered what I'd look like with a fro!

1984--Yikes! How in the world did the feathered look ever stay in style??? Anyone thinkin' Tina Turner here???

1986--Just altogether WRONG!!!!!

1990--Uh,oh. The hair styles are starting to hit closer to home!! Scary, but I remember wearing my hair like this in 8th grade.

1994--Of all the pics, this one hit me the hardest. Brings back so many hair memories. '94 was the year I graduated high school, and I am proud to say that I had forsaken this do a few years back!!!

1996--Very interesting to see me with short, blond hair. Never had either.

1998--Looks like a book landed on my head.

2000--It was fun seeing all these different hairdos from 1950-2000. Amazing how much a hair style can really change a face.

If anyone wants to give this a try, go here. Let me know if you do!


AJ said...

That is too cool!! And YES, what a HUGE difference a hairstyle makes! I'm going to go there and try it myself as soon as I have time!

HONEY said...

HA! That was hilarious! Hair is a funny thing, eh? I am actually going to a new stylist next week. With fear & trepidation I might add...but it's gotta be done & I won't be able to get in w/ Linda for a little bit, so here we go! Will let ya know how it turns out...

not up to code said...

The 70s and 80s were not kind decades for hair. I am diggin' the horn rimmed glasses.

Allyson said...

Hi Brandi - I'm loving the 80's look on you! I never wore '84, but I wore out '86 - '98. Thanks for the laughs. I'm loving how your head is tilted just so and the dress in the '84 pict. That's so funny.

Glad to hear the kids are over the c. pox. Strep is going around in our school, thankfully we...Oops, I'd better stop there or else.

Take care!



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