Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Other Name For "Kiwi Bird"

Pin It Now! Just be forewarned that this is probably the most crass post that I will write. I do apologize in advance to anyone who takes offense, but I just couldn't pass up posting on the latest "Lincolnism".

School started Monday. This year's science focus is Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. I am starting Lincoln off with a book about birds--one that I got from Chick-Fil-A a few years ago.

Anyway, each 2 page spread has a topic with many sub-headings. One of the sub-headings at the end of each page is, "Amazing but true". Here, one finds an amazing fact about a bird.

The first "Amazing but true" fact in our book has a drawing of a kiwi bird right above the sub-heading.

So, my little first grader, who still has to phonetically sound out words, must've just glanced at this heading instead of actually reading it.

Okay, Kiwi Bird picture and heading, Amazing but true. Got it?

Here's what Lincoln saw: Kiwi Bird picture and the heading, "Arizona butt turd".

The kind of laugh that starts deep in the belly was instigated, and I am still laughing over it every time I think about it.

Oh, sweet Lincoln, mama will chuckle from now on every time I see a picture of a kiwi bird.


HONEY said...

LOL! How can any of us every see the phrase "Amazing But True" and not think of the "Arizona Butt Turd" :-)

AJ said...

How funny!!! And Lincoln just LOOKS LIKE the kind of kid who would see just those kinds of words in the blink of an eye! He has that mischievious "I'm-a-little-stinker" look on his face, with that grin that makes everything funny!

Anonymous said...

AJ, you described him perfectly.


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