Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Most Memorable Egg Hunt Ever

Pin It Now! This past Saturday was definitely the most interesting egg hunt I have ever experienced!! First of all, it rained of all things. It rarely rains in the desert--it had been sunny and pleasant for like the past 90 days. Not only was it wet, it was cold!! We have been in shorts for quite a while--I've had the air on for a month for goodness' sake!!

We thought the hunt started at 10 am, but no, that was just when the event itself began. It was too cold and windy to wait outside, so we enjoyed some egg and sausage burritos at a McDonald's nearby. The little ones didn't mind since it had a neat playground.

On our way back to the park, we were crossing our fingers that the dark, billowy clouds would hold off on the rain until the hunt was over, but just as the 2 year olds took off with their baskets in tow, it began to sprinkle and within minutes it was POURING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The twins were so cute, and they didn't mind the rain one bit.

By the time Shiloh's age group could hunt, it was really pouring, but how could we not let the rest of the kids hunt when they had already waited so long?

I couldn't even get pics of Mullin and Lincoln it was raining so hard. We had lunch at my dad's and Grandma supplied us with dry clothes while we waited for our own to dry in the dryer.

Gettin' warm on the couch.

Yep, we are wearing my dad's pants, and my hair is frizzy and wavy. One reason I do not miss Memphis too much----HUMIDITY.

My brother
Mullin is holding some kind of earpiece here, and the picture is a bit blurry probably b/c I was laughing so hard. Here comes the funniest part of our Easter egg hunt...
Okay so, while we are all waiting for lunch, Mullin and Lincoln decide to go in the back room and open up their eggs. (They were sealed with some kind of plastic wrap.) They came out extremely disappointed b/c there was zero candy in them. All that fuss for eggs and no candy. In some of the eggs there were silly, little aliens and stuff like that, but the more we opened the more interesting it got.
We found an old New Kids on the Block pin, a rusty, corroded, American flag pin, tons of those old-timey, puffy McDonald's stickers that were folded up and already sticky, a dirty snake that smelled like shoo shoo, lots more pins (real safe for the little ones), lots of teeny, tiny toys the size of pennies (again real safe for the babies and toddlers), lots of folded up patches--the kind old, rough guys would have sewn on a jacket or something--I forget what Mark and Blake called them, and last but not least, the real humdinger of 'em all was the ear-piece Mullin found. Looked like it had come straight from someone's hairy, crusty ear, too. As sick as it was, we couldn't stop laughing at the absurdity of it all. The products said MADE IN CHINA, but who knows from which warehouse all those eggs came. We were beginning to wonder if we were gonna catch some kind of plague after touching some of the grosser items. It truly was an interesting experience, and a good laugh is about all we got out of it because we made the kids throw ALL of the trinkets away. And then we all SCRUBBED our hands, just in case.


HONEY said...

Great pics! You & Mark look fabulous in your Dad's pants! LOL! Sounds like lots of laughs & a fun day!

not up to code said...

That is hysterical! Weird but really funny? Who hid those eggs anyway?

Anonymous said...

my guns are MASSIVE!!


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