Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shiloh's First Dental Exam

Pin It Now! I told Shiloh this morning that her teeth were going to shine like princess teeth after the dentist cleaned and brushed them, to which she replied, "Mommy, princesses don't have to brush their teeth, they're just like that."

Cori was so sweet and gentle and made great princess conversation with Shiloh. Afterward, she gave Shiloh a pink and purple Belle toothbrush.

Not scared, one bit! She did a fantastic job. Plus she watched Mommy get her teeth cleaned first.

Both Cori and the dentist asked if Shiloh sucked her thumb--she has the kind of overbite they see in thumb sucking children. Shiloh does not suck her thumb, it is just the way her teeth came in. She probably inherited the overbite from me. So.... all 3 of my kids will end up with braces sooner or later. :(

Yea, no cavities! What a beautiful, princess smile!!


dixie_tn1 said...

Don't know if you've thought of this or not, but I've seen many pictures of Shiloh where she has a pacifier in her mouth. Pacifiers can produce the same results in teeth that thumb sucking would. You may want to let the dentist know she uses a pacifier alot.

Glad to see she did so well on her first visit. We weren't that lucky with our first visit, at 2 years old. Mommy and son both left in tears that day. I wouldn't wish that scenario on any Mother.

Brandi said...

Oh, I did tell them that she uses a passy at night still, but they said they usually don't see overbites like hers b/c of pacifiers. I guess I am just taking their word for it--I really have no clue. Both boys took pacifiers, too, and I don't think they have overbites.
I am thinking she probably just inherited the overbite since I had one, and according to my mom I never sucked my thumb or a passy.
We are just going to be the unfortunate parents of 3 kids who are all going to need braces. :(
I wonder which kids will have to have glasses?? Mark's side of the family doesn't seem to have very good eyesight. Braces and glasses, now that will be just dandy!

Cindy Tesreau said...

Wow, the close up picture of Shiloh shows how much she has grow up! She is such a pretty girl! Tell her that CiCi and Paw can't believe how grown up she is.


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