Sunday, April 05, 2009

School is Cool!

Pin It Now! Just posting some of our latest goings on at Rivendell Academy...

Mullin spent all last week at Calvary Christian School taking achievement tests. He had a blast. Since it was at our church, he felt at home and knew some of the kids. He thinks he did really well, too. Can't wait to find out!! I think I am more nervous than he is.

He sure is handsome in that navy shirt!!

This was the very first time ever that I had to pack a lunch, make sure a backpack was ready, and get the family out the door to drive to school. Since we are very early risers anyway, it wasn't that difficult. Getting sick Tuesday and staying sick (and still being sick) is what made things a bit more challenging. Sigh.

I try to get creative every now and then for my kid with the kinetic learning style. So, we took a break from book work and had some fun with adjectives. It is a bit hard to tell, but I taped different objects to a piece of paper and he had to use one of his senses to come up with an adjective to describe each item. That last one is a purple skittle--he liked that one, and it is no longer on that piece of paper!! Somewhere in his large intestine by now I am sure. :)

For art this week, we had fun with templates. I have a lot of them from when I was a Creative Memories Consultant.

Lincoln is using symmetry here, something I am very fond of as well.

Shiloh is sorting her numbers and arranging them in numerical order all by herself.

Ta-dah!! I printed these from


Ames said...

Hi Autumn, Somehow I came across your blog a while back. Don't remember how(?), but thought that I would leave you a quick comment. It seems like we have a few things in common. I also live in Queen Creek, I have 2 boys (no girls though), I am pulling my kids out of public school and starting homeschool next year (can't wait) and I am a Christian (I saw you attend Calvery Christian church. We attend at SSCC in Gilbert). I am starting to plan and pull things together for homeschooling next year and I have enjoyed reading about some of your homeschool stuff on your blog. Thanks! Take care! ~Ames

T-Bone said...

ah symmetry. few things in life present a greater sense of peace =)

Carrie said...

Love Mullin's new handsome!


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