Thursday, May 28, 2009

Misc. Pawpaw and Grandma Pics

Pin It Now! Pawpaw and Grandma read lots of books to Shiloh while they were here.

Sunday morning before church. Mark was already gone preparing for worship.

Memorial Day--Nothing special, just hanging out eating burgers and watching the kids play on the water slide. Home made peach ice cream for dessert. Peaches straight from my mom's tree. It was delicious!!

Grandma and Shiloh played Monopoly Jr. (or ponopoly as Shiloh calls it) I don't know how many times!! Grandma is so patient. :) I hope Shiloh retains memories of this special trip and spending time with her great grandparents. We left TN just a few months after she turned one, so she really didn't get to know them before we left.

Early Tuesday morning right before it was time to say goodbye. Mark and Lincoln drove to the Grand Canyon with Pawpaw and Grandma, but they came home that night.
We are so glad you came, Pawpaw and Grandma. We had lots of fun, and we MISS you!!!!!! Thank you for the memories!

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