Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thompson Boyce Arbetorum

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Pawpaw and Grandma with the kids before we started the trail.

We actually did see a few hummingbirds and butterflies along the trail.

Shiloh playing hopscotch in the children's garden.

The children's garden area was very colorful and beautiful.

Mullin's at the top of the hill and Lincoln just lost his flip flop. Next time we will know to all wear tennis shoes!!

A very disappointed girl. We wouldn't let her climb the steep, rocky hill with her brothers.

Pawpaw and Grandma were amazed at all of the varieties of cactus or I guess I should say, 'cacti'.

Taking a break--thank goodness it was a cloudy day. We didn't realize how long the trail was or how gravelly the trail was in some places. Not exactly cute sandal friendly.

Almost at the end. It was a fun and interesting trail. Saw lots of pomegranate trees--yum! By the end, though, we were all very tired and hungry!

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