Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Improvisation

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About 30 minutes before Mullin’s birthday guests would be arriving, Mark announces that the blow-up water slide just isn’t working and it would be a no-go for the party. Talk about devastating news!!!!!! It’s HOT here in August, and we had no alternate plan. I felt so bad for Mullin, especially since last year his party got cancelled altogether due to chicken pox. :(

2009-08-15 010

After pizza and Oreo Delight, instead of the boys swimming and sliding the afternoon away went to the neighborhood park to shoot some hoops. That lasted about 30 minutes—it was just too HOT. (Oh, did I already say that?)

2009-08-15 014

Passing the time opening up presents…

2009-08-15 016

2009-08-15 011

My sweeter-than-sweet sister filling up tons of water balloons while the boys were at the park.

2009-08-15 003

I was so proud of Mullin who just did his best to go with the flow, and it really wasn’t that bad having 9 boys in the house. :)

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