Thursday, August 27, 2009

Future Starbucks Employee

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2009-08-27 002

Every time I see my son making coffee for his dad, I can’t help but get a picture in my mind of Uncle Vernon’s purplish, bout-to-explode, walrus face bellowing, “Bring me my coffee, boy!” to poor, sweet, innocent, parentless Harry Potter.

Well, we certainly don’t force Mullin to meet our every desire, nor do we treat him like a common house elf around here, but he actually loves performing this act of service for his coffee lovin’ daddy!

Hmmm, ya never know, he could be getting paid to do this before long. Do I see some Green Tea Fraps on the house in the near future?! Wonder if Starbucks hosts field trips for home schooled kids? Guess I could check into that…


Anonymous said...

Makes Daddy's heart melt every time!

Terri said...

What a great kid!


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