Monday, August 03, 2009

First “Official” Day Back to School

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The first day back went pretty well. Will take a few days to completely get back into the swing of things. Firsts things first, though—I have to make a point to take pictures on the first day of each school year!!

2009-08-03 015

Mullin—first day of 5th grade. Almost 10

Subjects: Bible, All American History Volume 1, Math U See—Epsilon, Latina Christiana 2, Bob Jones English 5, Wise Guide for Spelling (U-3), Literature, Zoology 2—Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day, and this year we have added typing and vocabulary lessons.

2009-08-03 017

Lincoln—first day of 2nd grade. 7 1/2

Subjects: Same Bible, History, Science, Spelling (K-7) and Vocabulary. Math U See—Gamma, Reading (lots of diff. things—finishing Explode the Code, etc.), First Language Lessons, and also learning to write in cursive this year.

2009-08-03 013

Shiloh—first day of still being in pre-school. 4

We have a hodgepodge of goodies—I use the site, for a lot of things, starting Happy Phonics, using some Abeka materials, and reading lots and lots of books. She is so ready to read, so I HAVE to find the time to teach her! She incessantly asks me how to spell words. She often surprises me by spelling a few 3-letter words with fridge magnets. I absolutely love her eagerness. :-)

I am really going to try and get through most of our work by Thursday of each week, so we can spend an ample amount of time on creative writing on Fridays. Maybe we can slip in art and music every now and then, too. I want Fridays to be filled with all of the “extra” stuff. There are soooooooooo many things I want to do but just not enough time or energy to do them!

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A Captured Reflection said...

It looks like an excellent teaching programme. Your oldest son looks so much like you!


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