Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grab a Tube and Fly!

Pin It Now! Tubing in Colorado was definitely an exciting adventure the kids will remember forever!! I certainly remember the first time I went tubing--around Lincoln's age in Minnesota--the place to where my family almost moved. We ended up moving to Memphis, but that's another story.

Join us as we relive the whipping wind in our faces while racing faster than a speeding bullet down a steep, snowy hill.

Gotta go over safety instructions first...

No chance of Lincoln getting cold.

Even Shiloh loved tubing as long as we didn't spin on the way down.

Baby Audrey wasn't quite big enough yet to ride down the hill.

Riding down in groups supposedly made you go faster.

The tunnel that took you back to the top.

Just an all-around, super-good time!!

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