Friday, February 12, 2010

The Revisitation of our Honeymoon Spot

Pin It Now! Yesterday as I was lying in bed sick, I decided to dig out my old honeymoon scrapbook and relive some memories. My daughter crawled up beside me and wanted me to show her a picture of the horses that took us on our carriage ride. As she was looking and listening to me tell stories, she interrupted and said, "Daddy was so young, and you, too!" (Boy am I glad she is still too young to notice the fact that "mom jeans" and tucked in shirts with hideous looking belts must've still been in style~ugh, how embarrassing!)

Well, we recently had the opportunity to revisit our honeymoon spot and share a nice lunch there with the whole family.

It's been almost 13 years since my new hubby and I traveled to a quaint, little town in Colorado~Georgetown. It was still mostly as we remembered it. Cozy and neatly tucked away between gargantuan mountains and spectacular views.

This go 'round, we had 3 beautiful creations to bring with us! It was fun showing our kids where we honeymooned. :)

Unfortunately we couldn't find the Alpine Hideaway, the place where we stayed. I still remember those delicious breakfasts in baskets~YUM!

The kids enjoyed the new addition to Georgetown~a really cool park. They didn't play too long, though. We were all cold and hungry!!

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