Monday, February 08, 2010

So Behind

Pin It Now! We're only 39 days into the new year and I am sorely behind. Eight of those days our family was on vacation. Eight of those days I have spent being sick, thankfully I was well while on vacation, but as I type, I am on day 3 of painfully enlarged, fiery red tonsils splotched with blistery, white patches. Unfortunately Lincoln is sharing this experience with me. :( I have lost count of the number of days my kids have been sick on and off this past month.

I am exhausted and just plumb worn out.

Thank goodness I chose not to write up a long list of New Year's Resolutions, a tradition I have long since forsaken due to the fact that I can so easily become enslaved to it. I am naturally task oriented and if I can't meet my list's demands, well, I deem myself a FAILURE with a big fat F! I would probably be crying and having a pity party right about now if I had such a list, because there is no way to possibly catch up, or so it seems.

I can't help but still have a mental list, though. So, I am regrettably feeling a bit agitated about not meeting my mental list's demands. My plate of responsibilities has increased this year, and I am getting a slight panicky feeling that I am going to bomb.

I have decided to rest today and not push myself. That means the kids will fall behind in school. But, I keep telling myself that it's okay--it's home school. If we have to work on spring break or continue through June--no big deal. It'll get done somehow.

So what if my kitchen floor is disgusting and my kids' sheets need changing--people all over the world live in much worse conditions. It'll be okay. My body needs rest.

I could go on and on here, but don't want to get too discouraged. It is rest time now, so I am going to do just that~ REST.

I am really going to try to not think about lesson plans, reviews that need to be written, classes that need to be scheduled, laundry, cleaning, cooking, grading, blogging, blah, blah, blah.



Staci said...

Ugh. Sounds like strep?

Jen said...

I hope you start feeling better and get caught up! Have you been around my sister lately? She had strep last week. Sounds like that's what you have!! YUCK!! I think strep is the absolute WORST!!!

Rest and Feel Better!!!


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