Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Make-up

Pin It Now! We really went all out for Mullin's birthday this year. We have been in AZ for his past 4 birthdays, and 2 of those were basically flops. His first year in AZ, we had a super-fun Harry Potter birthday.

In 2008, he contracted chicken pox right before his birthday, and we had to cancel his party.

Last year, we planned a big blow-up slide birthday bash . . . and the blow up slide WOULDN'T BLOW UP! We had a house full of boys, and it's TORRID in August. Wow, we had to improvise -- we felt so badly!!!

So, this year we tried to make it up to him. He deserved it -- he is truly an amazing 11 year old!!!

Kicking it off by eating "sort-of home made doughnuts", and having his cousin spend the night.

NYPD pizza for lunch the next day with church friends. He doesn't look very happy here --first of all we weren't allowed to sing him "Happy Birthday" in public (yep, he's officially a tween!) and he really didn't even want to pose with his birthday brownies -- the kid doesn't care for cake anymore. Sorry, but a mama's gotta have certain kid photos!

After lunch -- Mukutu's Island for a few hours.

Actual birthday -- spent time with his Grandpa, and then we celebrated with Oreo Delight and presenting him with a Zune. :)

Lastly, a "neighborhood friend" birthday party. Pizza, X-box and gun wars.

Hope you had a blast, son!!! We love you so much. :)

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The Lenzers said...

looks like such fun, happy birthday


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