Monday, August 23, 2010

See the Yolk Difference?

Pin It Now! I am kind of glad that I bought eggs from a friend last week instead of the store. Yuck to the salmonella outbreak!!

My son will be learning about eggs in nutrition soon, so I took the opportunity to show him the difference in a pastured hen's egg and a store bought one. Supposedly the happier and healthier a chicken is the darker the yolk will be in the eggs they lay.

Pretty obvious which one is my friend's hen's egg, huh? Yep, the one on the right. And honestly, the one on the left isn't really too bad. The cheap Fry's eggs (store brand) are even paler in color. I don't want to even think about the living condition of the hens from whom those eggs come!!

You can even tell the difference after they've been cooked. Hopefully my dark yellow yolks are higher in omega 3s, which is what I am going for!

1 comment:

The Lenzers said...

now if I hadn't read your info I would have guessed the opposite on the better egg....the clearer the better. shows how much I know!


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