Friday, August 06, 2010

Summer's End

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I made it -- through the first week of officially teaching 3 students. (Insert big, deep breath here.) I know there are other mommas teaching 1/2 dozen or more, but 3 for me was like, "Whew, I am WORN out!"


Lincoln - 8 1/2

Favorite subjects so far - Science and History. He loves learning about war. Right now we are learning about the Civil War, and he can't wait until WWII.

Shiloh - 5

My sweet girl is so excited about kindergarten. So eager to read. She's already made it through her first set of BOB Books.

Mullin - a few days shy of 11

I am so thankful he is doing just about everything on his own! Here, he is delving deep into the wonderful world of Middle Earth. I hope he loves the book - he's been playing with the characters and watching the movies since he was 5. :)

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