Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bedtime Kitchen Bandit

Pin It Now! Beware! There's a new bandit in town stirring up loads of trouble. He goes by the name Bedtime Kitchen Bandit, and he strikes at night when you least expect it.

His greatest weapon is his sleepy-time hum to the familiar and soothing tune of "Go to Sleep." Once he's hummed the first line, you are sure to fall under his evil spell and enter into a profound trance.

Your greatest defense: earplugs or loud music. You must resist the desire to sag your shoulders and close your eyes, for once you are under the villain's spell, he will make your kitchen his headquarters and cook up all kinds of evil.

If he is unable to achieve mind control by humming you into a deep trance, he may resort to gassing you with morning breath or firing his super-duper-skin-burning jalapeno sauce. Counter his morning breath attacks by spraying Listerine or throwing cubes of Ice-Breakers gum. Cover yourself in honey or anything sweet to keep the pepper burns at bay.

His ultimate plan: Take over the world one bite at a time.

**I thought it was so cute and funny when Lincoln came downstairs dressed in Bedtime Bear's night cap and oven mitts from Shiloh's room. Good brother playing with his little sister. :)

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