Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Even She Can Push It

Pin It Now! Several months ago we had to purchase a new vacuum. I really didn't want to go with the cheap-vacuum-from-Wal-Mart-to-get-by this time around.

I was tired of vacuuming my entire downstairs with the hose! My other vacuum said it worked on tile--not so much. When I vacuumed my shaggy-type rug with it, no vacuum lines. (Was this thing really working?)

After a few days of research, my hubby and I decided to buy the Oreck XL Classic. I LOVE it!!!

Even she can push it. :)

I still help with cord holding while she vacuums her own room, but I was taking the picture. ;)

Other features I love:

  • It really is lightweight.
  • It works perfectly on tile--huge to me!!
  • I get vacuum lines where I thought vacuum lines weren't possible. (Even on my shaggy rug.)
  • Hose and attachments come seperately with a handheld vacuum--like this.

Oreck XL works for me and I am so glad my hubby spent the extra money on a GREAT vacuum!

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1 comment:

Ames said...

I got the same vacuum this past Christmas. I love it! Yep, definitely worth the investment!


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