Thursday, January 06, 2011

2010 Read-Aloud List

Pin It Now! Reading aloud to my kids is one of my favorite activities. I only read 8 novels to my kids last year, well that doesn't count all of the Disney Tinkerbell novels I read to Shiloh, but anyway, here's our list:

Oonawassee Summer ~ Melissa Forney

Rosie Fights the Twisted Wind ~ Tad Troilo

Thief Lord ~ Cornelia Funke

Cricket in Times Square ~ George Seldon

Igraine the Brave ~ Cornelia Funke

Frindle ~ Andrew Clements

Puddle Jumpers ~ Mark Jean & Christopher C. Carlson

The Giant Slayer ~ Iain Lawrence

* The boys and my least favorite book of the year was Cricket in Times Square. It's kinda ranked up there with Stuart Little if you ask me. Oh well, Shiloh seemed to like it, but most of the books I read aloud to all 3 kids are probably on a higher level. That's why we read the Tinkerbell novels~just she and I~all cuddled up in her bed.

Mullin's favorite was Frindle.

Lincoln's favorite was Puddle Jumpers.

My favorite family read-aloud was . . . oh, I don't know. I think it's a tie between Puddle Jumpers and The Giant Slayer. Both are fantasy fiction of course!

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