Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Christmas Present She Didn't Like

Pin It Now! Girl-time has become such a precious part of my daughter's and my life. We have so many "just us" things we do . . . reading Tinkerbell novels, sipping fraps, sweet night and morning cuddles, and baking together. So, for Christmas I had an idea to find a sweet, personalized apron that she could wear when we do the baking thing.

I was so excited about finding this CUTE apron, with the help of a facebook friend. My mother's heart just gushed. I ordered it and even found some girly sprinkles and dainty muffin cups to add to complete the gift.

I kind of had the feeling, though, that Shiloh might not be as thrilled about it as I was ~ at least not at first.

And . . . I was right.

Yep, Christmas morning after she opened the apron, she gave me that this-isn't-what-I-really-wanted look. I was prepared, so my feelings weren't hurt too much. I knew it would be a gift she'd grow to love. Toys may bring immediate, short-lived joy, but this apron would symbolize so much more and many memories would be made while wearing it!

Okay, I think the face has changed just a tad!! Here is my HAPPY girl all decked out in her new, unstained apron ready to bake her heart out! See, sweet girl. Mama knew. :)

Homemade chocolate cupcakes ~ YUM!

Frosting and sprinkling means closer to EATING one!! But they're too pretty to eat!

Squeezing and piping is HARDER than it looks, huh? Mama helped with that part.

Darling little morsels on a special princess plate ~ just beautiful!!

Just some added touches to make them even more special. ;)

Too, too fun. Love me some girl-time!!!!

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Karen said...

I dropped by from the crew and ended up on this post. I gave a similar gift to my niece for Christmas this year. She loved it. :)

I am following now on GFC and Linky followers.

Karen @


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