Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's All Going By So Fast

Pin It Now! It's New Years Day, and I am in total peace and quiet reflecting. Reflecting on the past year.

I am providing respit for my mom and step-dad, so really I am "working" away from home on a holiday. But I am totally okay with that. I love getting away every now and then. I desperately need alone time to be renewed, refreshed, and recharged. (If only I could sleep well away from home!)

Lots of memories from 2010:

  • Colorado trip and revisitation of honeymoon spot

    • First fairy party
      • Playing lots of Ms. Pac Man and a party, too!

      • Finding first scorpion in my house

      • First time for one of my kids to have surgery

      • First ever Goodwill purchase

      • Plants vs. Zombies craze

      • Mark recording and releasing a single on itunes

      • Lincoln's breakthrough

      • And so many more memories: flag football, dates with my boys, girl-time with Shiloh, crazy ride on the job roller coaster--ups and downs, highs and lows, continuing economic slump, spiritual mountains and valleys, and the list goes on. Sometimes I am amazed at how so much can fit into 365 days.

        Here's to another year of making memories with the people I love!

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