Monday, June 27, 2011

Garden Party

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 Shiloh's garden birthday party finally arrived!  Seems like I have been planning it forever.  After I decorated the table, I thought, How in the world could this have taken so much time and funds?  It all looks so simple once it's displayed.  It was worth it for my Sweet Sue Girl. :)

 She begged for a pinata this year.  Took forever for the salesperson to find just a regular butterfly at Party City.  So glad we waited ~ it was perfect for our theme!

 Table setting and "garden cake."  This was my first experience painting with acrylic paint, but I wanted the pots to match the color theme. Have no idea if it's water proof or not.  I did line the inside with foil in case it wasn't food safe.  I was going to fill the pot with Dirt Pudding, a recipe from Mark's grandparents, but Shiloh insisted on chocolate cake.  So, I just crumbled chocolate cake, poured melted chocolate frosting over it, and then topped it off with crushed Oreos to make it look more like topsoil.  Made homemade sugar cookie flowers and added gummy worms, too.  FUN!

 After Shiloh's friends arrived, she opened gifts.  Lots of neat art stuff, including a diary that she's "written" in everyday since, Barbies, and a Littlest Pet shop Hospital.

 Doesn't look to happy about turning 6.  Or maybe it's b/c Mama stopped her from eating cake to pose. :)

The girls swim and take turns planting flower seeds into their little pots.

We saved the pinata for last so the girls could dry off before going home.  And Shiloh is first to take a swing.

It took a few rounds, but Shiloh was actually the one to make the final blow that sent candy and trinkets flying!!  All in all a very fun party.  I love you Shiloh!!
Party cleanup:  Mullin actually volunteered the vacuum the kitchen for me! :)  How nice, especially after he already helped so much during the party.  Lincoln was a big helper, too.  Thanks guys!!

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