Friday, December 09, 2011

The 2011 Ornaments

Pin It Now! It's tradition. 

The kids get a new ornament right before they decorate the Memory Tree with all of their gazillions of ornaments they've collected over the years from grandparents, us, home school ornament exchanges, church, etc.

This year I chose keepsake Disneyland ornaments in memory of our first, real, "just us" family vacation. 
~Happy faces~

Mullin, Lincoln, and Shiloh, I hope you never forget our super fun vacation. I hope you still have these ornaments when you are old and gray, and every year when you hang them, I hope a flood of memories takes you back to October 2011.  (Oh wow, didn't expect my eyes to fill up with tears while writing that!)  Anyway, I had the BEST time with you guys. :)  Love, Mom

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