Friday, December 09, 2011

She Just Couldn't Wait

Pin It Now! I think it was a day shy of December when Daddy finally took Shiloh Christmas shopping for her brothers.  I couldn't have been happier because she'd been bugging asking me to take her all month!

Her enthusiasm was just precious.  She'd saved up all her coins from Grandpa and from $.50 money chores I gave her every now and then when I had some change to spare.

The boys, especially Lincoln, love nutcrackers, (the classic-looking kind) and Shiloh had spotted the perfect ones at Fry's.  She came home with the biggest smile and asked for bags to wrap them in so she could give them to the boys that night.  I nonchalantly suggested, "Why don't you wait until closer to Christmas?" 

No reply.

When I turned to look at her face . . . BIG, FAT tears were slipping down her cheeks.  Broke my heart.

"Oh honey, did Daddy say you could give them to the boys tonight?"

With the most genuine, pitiful look, she shook her head "yes."

We got some bags right away and . . .

just look at how happy she is! 

She wanted pictures of herself with each brother and their nutcracker.  Too sweet.  :)

The nutcrackers are proudly displayed on shelves in the boys' room.  They even named them.

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