Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Memories vs Duties

Pin It Now! In the background there's a pile of dishes that needs to be washed, a pile of schoolwork that needs to be graded, a pile of towels that needs to be folded, and a bag of oranges that needs to be juiced.

I hate piles. *Sigh*

On my to-do list a review needs to be written, an errand needs to be run, flowers need to be watered, cilantro needs to be chopped . . . and it doesn't stop there.  Can you relate?


instead of crossing off all of those things on my lists, (I love lists with lots of check marks!) I finished these really fun Valentine cupcakes.


I know it's the little, special, out-of-the-ordinary, things that put smiles on my kids' faces! It's these very same things that are tons of work but so worth it. :)

This is just the kind of thing they will forever remember: "Remember when mom made those cupcakes with the hearts in them?"

I doubt I will ever hear, "Hey, remember when mom cleaned all those dishes and graded all of our papers?!"

It's moments like these that spark other memories, too.  My boys always bring up our special egg lunch, and my daughter will never forget her fairy party for twoJust to name a couple out of a million. ;)

I was inspired by these amazing cupcakes.  You definitely want to click the link for some beautiful pictures!!

I did chocolate hearts instead of pink.  Less dye.  I also cut some corners and used Valentine sprinkles to save some time. :)

My kids were impressed with the surprise heart in the middle, and I even let them have a taste.  But the rest are for tomorrow!

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