Monday, June 25, 2012

Goodbye San Tan Valley House

Pin It Now! Goodbye AZ house with a gazillion windows . . .

Beautiful views, but made for much dead space and hot indoor temps in summer!

Goodbye pink walls in my baby girl's room  . . .

Shiloh's walls have always been this color - even for her first year of life in TN. I will miss them being this color, but Shiloh is totally fine with it.

Goodbye shared space of both my boys . . .

For over 7 years my boys have shared a room - long have we waited for them to have their own space! Even though they've had their share of sibling rivalry here, I do hope that one day they remember only the good times. :)

Goodbye big backyard with grass, a garden, and trees . . .

Of course the pictures don't do it justice, but I will really miss my backyard with 5 fruit trees!! I have such fond memories of picking apples with Shiloh when she was little then eating them in her little blow up pool. :)

Goodbye San Tan Valley house!

Even though I did not like this house at all when we first moved in, I made it mine and came to terms with it. It became familiar. It became home. And I have found over my lifetime that it is never easy to leave home. This time was no different.

So many memories - some good, some not so good.

It's where I have basically raised my sweet girl from baby to seven. It's the only home she remembers. It's where my middle child lost his first tooth and where my oldest had his first shave.

It's where God took me to the depths of The Valley and stretched my faith beyond what I thought I could bear. He searched my heart and probed deeper than I had ever felt Him go before. It was a time of much sanctification.

It's where God began to bring healing to many areas of my life, and where I learned what true blessings are.

This move sort of marks the end of a season for me in more than one way. I moved in with 3 little ones very much overwhelmed with parenting at times, and I leave with an eighth grader, a fifth grader and a second grader. No more babies. No more toddlers. Just big kids.

I am dead tired and my back is all out of whack, but as soon as I finish getting settled I am ready for this next season even if it does mean that I am getting older.

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Teena said...

I can see how you would miss this house. It is a beautiful house, and I bet the weather was nice. I would miss a house like that too.


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