Friday, June 29, 2012

Squeezing in a Birthday in the Middle of Our Move

Pin It Now! Saying I have a 2nd grader changes everything. I can no longer fool myself into believing that my little girl is still little. I do have to admit, though, that my girl at 7 just seems younger than when my boys were 7. (Maybe it's just this mama still trying to hang on to something that is clearly slipping away . . . )

Anyway, in the midst of boxes and back and forth runs to our old house, my baby turned 7. She just couldn't wait for life to settle down and get back to normal!
A few hours before she woke up on Friday, June 22, she became 7 - just like that. (Can you tell I am having a bit of a hard time embracing this one?!) We presented her with a few small gifts (big sales here) - a cute Bible case, personal diary, heart/peace necklace, and a few pairs of earrings.

Papa John's for dinner and peace cupcakes for desssert. She had to wait for her BIG party day on Sunday - her first away-from-home party. :)
After church we took a couple of girls and Shiloh's cousin to McDonald's for lunch and then to Build-A-Bear! Oh what fun that was!!!
Each girl got to pick out a "skin" to stuff. Shiloh picked out a Peace Bear and a Koala. ( It ended up being cheaper to get 6 animals instead of 4, so she really lucked out!)

Even Daddy stuffed an animal, but this one is a secret. ;)
The girls had fun bathing, brushing, and picking out clothes. I highly recommend a Build-A-Bear party!! You can basically set your own price - you just have to have 6 guests to make it an official party. I thought we did awesome price wise for the amount of of stuff we got - plus I had no mess to clean up at home and no party favors to hand out. Each girl took home a quality animal made with love! <3

Happiest of birthdays to my big little girl!

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