Thursday, September 13, 2012

And Let There Be Noise

Pin It Now! Just as I was settling into our peaceful rental home located on a beautiful, tree-lined street in the heart of the Arizona desert, my boys announced they wanted to take up drumming and keyboarding. Yikes!

I am usually a no-tolerance-for-noise kind of mama, but truly it warmed my heart that they were finally taking an interest in music. (I mean, their dad is a worship leader.) I am always so envious of musical families, and I have always thought it would be so neat for all of my children to be talented musically like their daddy. Yes, that leaves me out, but so be it. :)

I am so proud of Lincoln for saving up his own hard-earned money to pay for an electric drum set. And my sensitive ears are forever grateful for the headphones. I do still hear the tapping, but when I hear it, I know he's practicing! He's been watching some DVDs from the library, and he says he's finally mastered the "Barbecue Chicken," whatever that means.

Mullin has mentioned since he was about 5 years old that he'd like to learn how to play the piano. So, 8 years later, he was finally able to purchase a keyboard (with mom and dad's help). I have heard the "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" tune coming from his bedroom so far, and he says he wants to learn "Amazing Grace" next.

Maybe one day they'll be writing and singing their own songs just like their dad, or join the worship team at church. :)

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