Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Washing the Unwashable

Pin It Now! I bought this big, pink, fluffy heart pillow as a decoration to go on my daughter's bed. At the time, she was still a toddler. Before I could stop the madness, she'd begun using it as her main pillow. How anyone could sleep on that furry mess?!

I am a clean freak, and I detested the fact that the tag on the pillow said hand wash only. Because I am usually very much a rule follower, I tried this for a long time. Seriously, I would spray the thing down with lavender, soap it up, and wash it outside with the hose. This just started to get old after a while, and I really didn't think it was getting clean enough.

Yep, one day I just decided to throw the "unwashable" heart pillow into the washing machine. (And I prayed with all my might that it wouldn't get ruined!) I threw Uni the Pillow Pet in, too, since it is made out of the exact same material.

They survived, and I have been washing them in the washing machine ever since. I love how they come out of the dryer so nice and fluffy and clean looking!!

For all the moms who've been hesitant to wash those furry pillows and animals:

*I washed the pillows on gentle with warm water. I dried them on low. Easy. It works for me!

(If you are concerned about the eyes of Pillow Pets or other stuffed animals getting scratched in the washing machine, you may want to put them in pillow cases first.)

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Lexi said...

I love the washing machine. I have washed many, many things and only ruined a few : ) My kids' stuffed animals need their bath! Yucky! Cute post! Stopping by from the Crew.


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