Sunday, December 29, 2013

Homeschool Christmas Tea Party

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Little girls and tea parties just go together, however, I consider myself a bit crazy in the head for planning a homeschool tea party in December. It turned out so beautifully,though, and the girls had such fun. Thank you to my awesome friend for hosting the tea party at her house and thank you to all the moms who brought such yummy tea party foods and helped with crafts. So glad to be sharing this homeschool journey with you all. :)
Mother and daughter before the tea party. I was so happy that I was able to buy Shiloh a fancy dress for the occasion. The dresses at Target were pretty and reasonably priced. :)

The table was set to perfection! The girls couldn't wait to sit down and enjoy the food. They were so patient and well mannered. This was Shiloh's first time to taste specialty tea - she chose a blueberry flavor.

The girls were treated to Etiquette 101 in the form of multiple choice questions, some of the answers being quite humorous. And, of course, the girls took some time out for free play. The girls who were so quiet at the table definitely let their hair down during this time! ;)

Each girl made an ornament to take home. Hopefully, every year when they hang up their ornaments they'll remember the lovely tea party.

The girls really seemed to enjoy themselves. It made all the stress of planning entirely worth it. Lots of mother/daughter memories made for sure.


Unknown said...

We had so much looking at the pics, Brandi! Thanks for posting them and thank you, also, for organizing the tea at such a crazy time of the year. That was a feat in itself!! Great job putting the pictures together. Kayla had such a great time. =)

Paula Markham said...

This is such a good initiative! I'm sure my billysadventures should be recorded in such a way as this simple tea party. Thanks for the inspiration!


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