Monday, December 30, 2013

Redeeming Mondays with Writing Prompts

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Mondays have never really bothered me. Hey, don't get me wrong, I love Fridays and the weekends, but I consider myself a lover of Mondays, too. I like getting back on schedule and being productive. As a homeschooling mom, being fond of Mondays is a plus. However, it can kinda dampen your spirit just a bit when your kids approach Mondays like zombies who've eaten slugs for breakfast.


I know I shouldn't let other people's behavior/attitude affect my own, but when 3 expressionless, unenthusiastic kids are staring back at me, I feel as if Dementors are sucking the cheer right out of my soul. Okay, so I am a tad dramatic. :)

When the Writing Prompt light bulb struck, I thought my kids would balk at first and think it a terrible idea. But, I was WRONG! They loved it and look forward to it every Monday. In fact, when I first introduced the idea, they were disappointed that they had to wait a whole week for the next writing prompt!

Here's how Monday Writing Prompts work for us:
  • After Bible time and our read-aloud, I reveal the writing prompt topic for the day.
  • My kids write the topic on their papers and then write whatever they want as long as it relates to the topic.
  • They write for about 15 minutes and have to stop when I say times up. I try and give a one minute heads up.
  • They take turns reading out loud what they wrote. I do not grade their papers, but they do file them in a folder.
*Here's the real kicker - I have to participate, too! This makes it super fun, especially for the kids.

I can't tell you how wonderful this addition is to our Monday homeschool routine. Mondays have been redeemed! I am amazed at how creative and different each child's writing is. I will treasure these writings way more than any school assignment, and honestly, without the stress of grammar and grades, their creativity just soars.

I love how their personalities shine through their writings as well. I favor personal narratives, my oldest has written fiction and even a poem, my middle child always adds in humor, and my youngest likes to describe things.

Making my kids wait an entire week builds anticipation which keeps their interest levels high. To spice up writing prompt time even more, I let the kids take turns picking topics. And the one picking the topic CAN'T tell what it is until everyone has their pencil in hand ready to write.

Topics we've come up with so far:
  • Apples (mom)
  • Bucket List (mom)
  • Snow (Oldest son -14)
  • Christmas Desserts (Middle son - almost 12)
  • LEGOS (youngest daughter - 8)
In another post, I am hoping to share some samples of our writing. :)

If you need to spice up your homeschool Mondays, I highly recommend Writing Prompts!!!!

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