Monday, April 28, 2014

A Real Garden For You, Stampy

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Dear Stampy,

Recently, our family fasted from all forms of media entertainment for 7 days. Our youngest had to go without X-Box which meant no Minecraft and YouTube which meant, yes . . . no Stampy. Gasp!

Stampy has become quite the common household name around here. Off and on, sound waves float your jolly voice and infectious laugh all the way from England to our loft and every nook and cranny of our desert Arizona home.

I think it might be safe to say that our daughter, Shiloh, has a slight obsession here. In fact, every morning after she completes Math and Spelling (she's homeschooled), she rewards herself with a Minecraft Stampy video. And then throughout the day, she's bound to ask for another Stampy episode, especially if her friends can't play outside.

Well, in light of our recent media fast, although she didn't watch a single Stampy broadcast, she still talked about you. :) Instead of pining after (good grief, as I am writing this, my daughter kindly interrupted with this plea, "Can I watch a Stampy?") Anyway, instead of pining after forbidden fruit, she decided to be productive and turn her backyard fairy garden into a STAMPY GARDEN.

So, Stampy, this garden was made by 8-year-old hands with love for you. :)


We plant new fairy flowers each fall and spring, so a few days ago she ripped up shriveled pansies and replaced with them white petunias and yellow/orange marigolds. She insisted upon orange and white explaining that those colors are official Stampy colors. And now it's complete with a lovely foam flower Stampy sign! We hope you like it. :)

Oh, and she also spent some of her media-free leisure time creating what she calls her "Stampy bracelet."

Our home has totally been Stampified!

As Shiloh loves to say . . .

(Sign made using The Keep Calm-O-Matic.) I think she wants a shirt now. ;)

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