Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Love to Read

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My kids know that I LOVE to read. In fact, last year my daughter filled out an all about mom page in Sunday School, and guess what she wrote in the what-does-your-mom-do-for-fun blank?

Yes, read.

I'm a real thrill seeker, let me tell ya. ;)

If you have a mom who loves to read, too, consider gifting her with one of these inspirational books!

Moms Who Changed the World by Lindsey O'Connor

I've had this book for years and have read it several times. It's such an encouraging book about what a difference moms really make in the lives of their children. All of the moms portrayed in the book raised kids who made a lasting impact on the world . . . John Ruskin, George Washington, Augustine --just to name a few.

Such a blessing to learn from these dedicated mothers!

A Mother's Legacy by Barbara Rainey and Ashley Rainey Escue

This book is special not only because it celebrates the gift of motherhood but because it was given to me in March 2001 by one of the authors (Ashley) with a sweet note. We were in the same Young Married Sunday School class at the time and I had just announced I was pregnant with baby #2. Ashley wrote that she hoped the Lord blessed my firstborn son with a brother so they could be friends. :) Even though I ended up miscarrying that baby, the Lord did bless me with another pregnancy and a healthy baby BOY in January 2002!

This book will bless you with the memories of legacies, lessons, and love that only a mother can give.

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

This book isn't specifically about moms, but it's written by a farm mom with a brood of six children. Ann dares readers to live fully by living each day deeply rooted in gratitude.

I'm only half way through the book and all I can say is, "Wow, just wow." Ann writes in a way that makes you feel like you're actually thinking her thoughts. She makes you want to fully surrender yourself to the Maker of the Universe and embrace everything He gives.

I've been inspired to start my own "one thousand gifts" journal. So far I'm on #50. This book is truly a treasure that I think any mother would love!

*Add a cute bookmark, a fun drink, and a fun snack and you have the perfect gift for moms who love to read!

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