Thursday, June 12, 2014

TBT: Yes, The Red Hair is From Me

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Because my hair is mostly considered a medium brown with a few highlights brought out by the sun and has been this color (naturally) for quite some time, I am often asked one of two questions about my middle child:

1. "Where does he get his red hair?"


2. "Does his dad have red hair?"

Well, here is the answer: his red hair does indeed come from me!

My, my, I was an unattractive child. Seriously. Wow.

During my childhood, I kind of went back and forth with red, blonde, gold, and then finally brown and oftentimes even a pretty dark brown. Weird.

It looks as if my son will never be a brunette, though, which I find really neat. Makes him a very unique family member to have all of the recessive traits.

Here he is at 18 months, and his hair matches mine pretty closely at 18 months. 

Here he is at 2. His hair is more blonde here, and it stayed pretty blonde for a while. Just thought I'd throw those in. :) His hair seems to pretty much stay in that strawberry blonde range. Here's what it looked like on his 12th birthday if you want to know. ;)

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