Monday, June 16, 2014

Thinking About Going to Sea World?

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38 years old and never been to Sea World until my mom and I went during our beach getawayI absolutely loved it and recommend going if you've never been! The whole time I was there I kept thinking, my kids would love this!

I sure hope the opportunity arises for my hubby and I to be able to take our kids sometime in the near future. (My daughter will be studying sea creatures in school this fall - surely Sea World qualifies as a homeschool field trip, right?)

So, if you and your family have never been to Sea World and you've been contemplating a trip, I invite you to read the rest of this post in which I've included pics from the shows and a few short videos that I caught on my phone. I recorded bits and pieces so my kids would be able to get a better feel for it. I'll throw in a few tips along the way, too. :)

Currently, there are 4 shows going on at Sea World in San Diego. The first show we watched was Pets Rule®. Super cute. I so wished my crazy-about-dogs daughter could've seen it. I learned after the show that all of the animals are rescue animals. Neat. I was truly amazed at the talent!

Here is a brief video I took during the show. I didn't take long videos because it was hard for me to actually watch the show while recording on my phone, but here's a taste anyway . . .

There wasn't a flamingo show, but there are a couple of spots at Sea World where you will find flamingos. I think they are so interesting to watch. At one point, there was a flock out from behind their caged-in habitat. It was really fun to sit down and let them come over and peck at your ears. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt. :)

Tip: There are lots of other animal stations to view and explore as well such as dolphins, mantas, turtles, otters, sharks, fish, etc..

Did you know that flamingos really are pink because of what they eat? Click the link for lots of cool flamingo facts.

I adore dolphins. Watching this show made me want to sign up for a dolphin encounter. :) The shows do more than just show off animal tricks. This one told a lovely story about a princess.

Tip: arriving early to all shows- about 15 to 30 minutes prior to show time - is highly recommended so you can get good seats whether you want the perfect SOAK ZONE seats or the perfect not so SOAK ZONE seats.

We chose to stay dry that day.

Sea Lions Live® was really a blast! The main guy in the show was super entertaining, and of course, the sea lions were, too! Lots of fun music and laughs. There's even a cute little otter in the show.

My goodness, aren't these creatures gorgeous! Very beautiful show to watch. Mama and baby were so adorable.

I am NOT a knick knack kind of girl when it comes to souvenirs. I like practical or CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS! I like things I will actually use like clothes, cups, etc.. For practical, I decided on a t-shirt. For Christmas ornament, my mom and I both got that cute little dolphin sugar cookie looking one. Can't wait to hang it on my tree next to the Disneyland ornament my mom and I got back in 2004 when the 2 of us took our first "just us" trip.

Sea World also has 7 rides. We didn't really do the rides that day because so many involve water, but I did talk my mom into riding a super fast roller coaster - Manta. :) It was fun!

Tip: You can't have any loose items on this ride and probably most of the others, too. Be prepared to rent a locker to store your stuff if you want to ride rides. First hour is free, but after that there is a small fee.

I personally wouldn't want to take very small children to Sea World, however, there is an area called Sesame Street® Bay of Play® which is perfect for all the littles.

Of course there's lots of fun and very expensive food to eat. We shared a churro, but it really wasn't that great. If I ever get to use my free second visit I'd like to eat at Pineapple Pete's Island Eats!

Tip: You are allowed to bring in you own bottled water and some small snacks in a purse or something but no coolers etc.. Also there are allergen free snacks available at the markets between Shamu and Dolphin Stadiums.

Hope you enjoyed this small taste of Sea World San Diego. It surely makes for a very fun family outing! Definitely doable in one day, too.

Thanks for the memories, Mom. Sure had fun.

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