Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Voice Over the Water

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Isn't the sound of the ocean majestic? Waves softly crashing upon the shore over and over again lulling one into a peaceful trance. A heavenly trance. One in which the voice of the Lord speaks to the soul. Godly meditation on His Holy Word.

Who else but to the Lord could I ascribe the glory due his name for this glorious sight and sound? I didn't actually do this, but in my mind I pictured myself bowing face down in the sand, arms outstretched worshiping the Lord in the splendor of his holiness. Words from Psalm 29:3-4 were the meditation of my heart this past week:

Salty ripples gently caressing feet in the sand, wrapping around ankles for the teeniest moment only to quickly return to the vast expanse from whence they came as if commanded and pulled back by an unseen force. And take my breath away, this unseen force is explained by God Himself when he speaks to Job out of the storm:

Highest praise is for you alone Lord. I could sit for hours and watch the waves rise and fall and listen to this majestic voice over the waters. And I did. Between each roaring splash, I also felt the Lord impressing two simple words upon my heart over and over again - like the waves.


Not super impressive words, but I got the point. Standing upon the shore looking out into the briny deep, I felt so small and the ocean so big and vast. But God was whispering deep within that He is far bigger, and He's totally got this thing called my life.

Ah, if only I could completely and wholeheartedly trust my God who is big and vast and surrender myself to ride the waves of His perfect plan for my life without fear. Lord, give me strength to follow You into this future of uncharted waters that you've planned for me and my family. And thank you for the gift of relaxation, refreshment, and restoration during the eight days of ocean side bliss with my sweet mom!

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