Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Boost Iron Naturally {especially during pregnancy}

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If you experience low iron or are looking for a more natural prenatal vitamin, stay tuned!

No, I am not expecting! Goodness, it's been 9 years since I've birthed a baby. So why am I posting about natural supplements for pregnancy? Well, I recently cleaned out a dresser drawer of mine and found some old birthing catalogues and a receipt for a few products I ordered to prepare for my home birth so many years ago.

I was reminded of a few wonderful products that I wanted to share with you all before I threw the catalogues out for good. One of the places I ordered from was Birth and Beyond (back when you had to call in your order). Even though they are no longer a business, I was able to find a few of the products that I loved so much - Tri-Iron, Liquid Iron, and Prenatal Forte vitamins.

The natural iron supplements made such an amazing difference during my pregnancies, I figured I ought to let anyone who is expecting know about them. I usually experienced low iron during pregnancy, but even my doctor during my last two pregnancies (I didn't have home births with them) was amazed at how my iron levels came up while using these natural iron supplements. While safe during pregnancy, they can be used whether you are pregnant or not. (I did not use both of the iron supplements at the same time.)

I also took a more natural prenatal vitamin supplement during my pregnancies that I liked, so I am including a link for that as well. :) I so appreciated having a doctor who was fine with me finding natural alternatives to what he normally prescribed.

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