Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cami Secret: A Little Modesty Goes A Long Way

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While this isn't going to be a post about what modesty is or isn't, it is my personal opinion that letting one's cleavage hang out all over the place isn't modest at all. (And by the way, I think modesty is SO much more than the clothes we wear.) Anyway, for those who may be interested, I'm just sharing how I found a cleavage-covering alternative to tank tops. :)

My budget typically doesn't allow for spontaneous purchases, but when I saw these, I KNEW I had to have them! It just gets too hot in the part of Arizona that I live in to always have to wear tank tops underneath shirts. Plus, it seems that most tank tops these days are cut too low anyway and don't quite do the job I want them to do.

Cami Secret has been a life saver for those shirts and dresses that are just a tad too low cut.

What exactly is Cami Secret then? Basically, like it says on the cover of the package, Cami Secret contains clip-on mock camisoles. They clip on to your bra straps, and the height of the cami can even be adjusted a little bit. 

I found 2 photos of myself wearing the black and white mock camisoles. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of how they look while being worn.

Now, just so you know, Cami Secret doesn't work with every shirt. If the top you're wearing is made of thin or partially see-through fabric, the mock camisoles will show through. I still sometimes have to go with a tank top, but that's okay. Sometimes the layers look nice. 

I really think these little pieces of fabric go a long way in the modesty department! They've worked for me quite well. I've included links below to the exact ones that I have which came in a package of 3 in black, white, and beige. I've also included a link to some that don't have lace, and I even think I'd like those better.

Cami Secret works for me!

Cami Secret Set of 3 Clip-on Camisole, Black/Beige/White, One Size

Snappy Cami (804) - White, Creme and Nude - Neutral Set - NO LACE (Solid)

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Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Ooooh, perfect for the summer. I wear camis under pretty much every shirt, but in the summer that can be too hot. Great tip - thanks for sharing and linking up to Works for Me Wednesday!


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