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Handmade Treasures and Where to Offer Your Support

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I haven't created very many handmade treasures. It's not because I don't like to. It's just that I've put my time and effort into other things during this mothering season. Homeschooling does take quite a bit of time, and I like a consistently clean house. Hopefully, I will have time one day for more handmade projects.

I did publish an eBook with illustrations that were painted by my hand. Does that count? I've made an autumn wreath, a wrapping paper Christmas tree, and this weird paper flower thing . . . hmmm, what else? Oh, I've made lots of scrapbooks. I think that counts. And I make lots and lots of homemade meals, too. I don't think that counts, though. At least not for this post. I do hope my family treasures some of these handmade/homemade things.

We know handmade items take time and love. That's probably why we like them so much.

Handmade things crafted by familiar hands can be some of our most treasured possessions.

I know that's certainly true for me . . .

the cross painted by my oldest son when he was little

the flower drawn and colored by my daughter years ago

the quilt made from my babies' clothes sewn and stitched together by friends

the rocking chair made by my mom to give to her very first grandchild

the blanket knitted by my husband's grandma

. . . just to name a few.

Handmade things crafted by unfamiliar hands can be special too. Especially when you know your purchase is helping a fellow mom or someone in need.

Fair Trade Friday

This has been my experience since joining Fair Trade Friday's Earring of the Month Club at the beginning of this year. I feel blessed to be able to help women provide for their children.

I'm actually wearing these earrings today. :) Fair Trade Friday (a Mercy House ministry) has other monthly clubs you can join to help mamas around the world. Be sure to check them out!

Noonday Collection

My friend, Emily, is an ambassador for Noonday Collection, a company who partners with artisan entrepreneurs to help communities in need. They design and sell jewelry and accessories hand made by women from 12 different countries. As an ambassador, Emily is trying to earn money to help families fund adoptions. She and her family know firsthand the blessing of adoption. I've known Emily for almost 2 decades - please support her if you can. :)

Montana Songbird Art Studio by MontanaArtStudio

My friend's daughter, Kiersten, owns Montana Songbird Art Studio and offers unique, handmade watercolor prints and greeting cards. Customization is also available. Kiersten is a young, single mom who sells her work to provide for her two boys. Here are a couple of her best selling pieces:

Be sure to check out her other works of art as well. I'm a bit partial to her fawns (especially the pink one) since my nickname used to be Autumn Fawn. :) I will be ordering a set soon!

And So She Said Creations

My mom's cousin, Cathy, owns And So She Said Creations where she offers handcrafted home decor, gifts, and apparel designed with YOU in mind. She is located in Arizona, and you can see her work and contact her by direct message on Instagram and Facebook.


Guess who else is offering handmade products? Amazon! Yes, you can now buy handmade items from Amazon and even connect with the featured artisans who make them. You can search for artisans from your own state or from over 85 different countries. Customization for certain handmade items is also available. Start your Christmas shopping early and check out all of the handmade departments below.

I absolutely love this concept from Embie Design in Georgia! I have the perfect people in mind for customizing a gift like this. :) This is just one of the many items I've seen that I've loved. I could get lost looking at all of the handmade stuff!!

There's just something special about handmade.

By clicking and purchasing from any of the above links, know that you are helping some moms I do know and some moms I don't know provide for their families. It is much appreciated!

By clicking and purchasing from my amazon links, know you are helping me provide for mine in a small way. While I don't make much as an amazon affiliate, I am able to put what I do make toward homeschool supplies, essential oils for our health needs, and some supplements for some of my ongoing health issues. Thanks so much!!

What are some of your most treasured handmade possessions? Let me know in the comments!!

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Jamie said...

What beautiful pieces!! I absolutely love the cross that your son painted - amazing! :)

Paula Kiger said...

Oh my goodness what an interesting post. I love the flower your daughter did and the rocking horse. And I always love products handmade that help others. One I would recommend is KidPower Organics. They utilize goat milk and other natural ingredients, and they are helping the people of the Kratie province in Cambodia!

Brandi said...

Thank you, Jaime. 🙂

Brandi said...

Thanks so much for the suggestion. I will check them out!

Unknown said...

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