Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August ~ Back to Homeschool, Baking Bliss, Garden Gadgets, & Dog Grudges

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While so many other places around the country are just around the corner from all things crisp and cozy, we desert dwellers are bracing ourselves for our second summer. I must say, though, that I've been thoroughly enjoying our cool spell - 90s and low 100s sure do make a huge difference!

We kicked off the first day of August with a new homeschool year. I have 3 kids, but none of them wanted to have their pictures taken. Trying to get my boys in front of the camera is like trying to get me to like camping. Anyway, I bribed the girl by letting her take her back-to-school pic with her puppy. Goodness, my baby is in middle school now. No more elementary kids! My boys are both in high school now - senior and freshman. Yikes!

Kylo turned 7 months old this month. Even though he graduated from his beginner's training class, he still gives me much grief. Maybe overall he's a good dog, but he still finds ways to drive me crazy. I slipped over the edge when he ruined my fairy garden. 

I was MAD. 

Not just about that but about how my life has had to change so much all because of a dog. (Because it's not just a fairy garden he's ruined - hmmm, how about 4 rugs, some towels, some clothes, our grass, and more.) I held a grudge for several days, but I'm finally starting to pet him again. ;)

More Kylo. He tasted his first carrot this month and played with destroyed his first jump rope. We were going to try and use the jump rope to teach him the art of jumping over something. But he's not quite ready for that yet. Chase and tug-of-war are way more fun!

We celebrated our oldest's 17th birthday. Birthdays are becoming so much simpler these days. Our son worked all day, so he just wanted to come home to pizza and cinnamon rolls. And after that, a night of gaming with his brother. Can't believe this is his last year in high school!

Time flies faster than a sneeze!

Daughter baked her first batch of cookies from start to finish. Without me even being downstairs. These cookies were amazing. Way better than my first batch of cookies!!

More baking. Because when your history book tells you to make something chocolate in honor of learning about St. Valentine, you must obey. Again, she did everything. Cookies = fabulous! She's going to run me out of a cooking job, and I don't mind at all. :)

I have no idea why August turned out to be a baking-new-treats month, but the dessert above - it was OH-MY-STARS good! Blueberry Peach Crumble is a new favorite for sure. I will definitely be whipping this up again next spring/summer when peaches are at peak. :) Click the link for recipe at Living on Cloud Nine.

I think our record summer temps killed one of our new apple trees. I'm sad. But my basil is flourishing quite well. Always does. Even after cutting basil for pesto-making, it doesn't look like I made a dent in it. Basil anyone? Chives and oregano are doing OK, too.

Attempting to move my fairy treasures from my backyard garden box to my big front porch pot that grows a beautiful and aromatic jasmine plant. Not everything fits, and I'm still contemplating how I want it. At least now my dog can't mess it up. :)

And mushrooms just because.

I love mushrooms!

Not the eating kind. The cute, little growing-in-the-yard kind. Every time my daughter and I go to the dog park, I can't help myself: I pick every single mushroom. Or take pictures of them.

I don't know - mushroom are just so magical and fairy like.

My daughter calls me the Crazy Mushroom Lady. There are worse things to be called, I guess. ;)

Ok, one last August pic - I decided to do some quick DIY garden art yesterday. I think my little garden gadget turned out pretty cute. (I already had the butterfly. I just painted the stick and glued the butterfly onto it.)

What's in your end-of-summer garden?

Is it starting to get any cooler where you live?

And please tell me I'm not the only mom who has trouble getting teens (especially boys) in front of the camera. ;)

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Andrea Nine said...

Oh you sweet pea!! Just love this post and thanks for the shout out. I am over the moon that you guys liked the blueberry peach cobbler! I love that your girlie is a little baker like her mama! You know with 3 teen boys they often don't like their picture taken unless they think they are looking good and can snapchat it to a girl, lol

Brandi said...

No problem - it was post worthy good! Blessings!


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